5 Tips for Packing Fragile Items

Moving is never easy. There are so many things you need to do, and even more things to worry about. You have to find a new apartment or house, get a reliable moving company, get reliable packing services NJ, do the move, unpack, etc. So, so many things. And what can you do to make this easier? Well, read some tips and tricks of course! Today we have some tips for packing fragile items. How many times has it happened that something fragile and dear to you has broken due to poor packaging? Well, when you read this guide, that will never happen again. So, without any further ado let’s dive in!

Packing fragile items – what’s to know?

Fragile items are not easy to pack. There is some probability that they will get broken during shipping even if you do everything right. Professionals may pack something and it still may get broken during the move. But, there is certainly something you can do to lessen that probability. We will talk about it today. So, let’s see what you need to do to keep your fragile belongings safe during your residential move to New Jersey!

Making proper organization

One of the key things you need to do when doing your move is to make a proper organization. Proper organization is vital to everything in life so why should that not apply to moving and packing fragile stuff? Well, it does! One of the best ways to be properly organized is to create an interstate moving checklist. A moving checklist should contain everything you need to do during your move and that means absolutely everything. From the beginning to the end. From deciding to move to unpacking and unwinding after your residential move. So, grab a piece of paper and start writing! You should put “packing fragile items” under the packing category and write a comprehensive guide. You can even print this article out so you do not have to be around your phone all the time during the packing process.

A woman making a checklist for packing fragile items
A moving and packing checklist will help you stay on track.

Creating an inventory

Creating an inventory is another big part of an interstate moving checklist. When packing fragile items, this is especially the case. You need to know absolutely every item that you want to pack and move from your old house to your new one. If you have some fine china, you need to know the exact number of the plates, bowls or whatever, before you pack and ship them. You can do this by, again, grabbing a piece of paper and writing down the contents of each box.

A great packing idea is to pack boxes according to rooms. Pack everything you can from, for example, your living room, and label them with a colored sticker. You can choose any color you like, just make sure that all the boxes with items from the living room have a sticker of that color. The living room has more things than you can pack, but do not worry, because furniture movers NJ are up to the task! Then they will carry all the other boxes in the truck and you are good to go! But wait, you still do not know how to pack those boxes. Well, it is time to talk about it!

Getting packing supplies

This should be the first step when packing fragile items. You cannot pack something if you do not have something to pack it in. That is why you need to pay a visit to your local hardware store and get some packing supplies! There are many types of supplies you may need for your move, but now we will focus on the ones needed for fragile items. For example, you will need a lot of packing tape, foam wrap, air-filled wrap, packing peanuts, and different sized boxes.

Boxes of various sizes
Boxes of different sizes and shapes will make packing fragile items more convenient.

Different sized boxes are important because you will be able to pack everything neatly and you will have to use less packing peanuts to fill them up. They are also convenient when the movers are loading the moving truck. They will be able to put big and heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter and more fragile ones on top. This is called the Tetris method and most moving companies use it.

Packing fragile items – glassware

When packing glassware, it is wise to get a couple of those cellular boxes. You know the type of box you get when you buy a pack of wine? Well, these cells can be used to stack some glassware. Of course with added protection. Grab a glass and wrap it in packing paper. After that, you should put some plastic bubbles around it and put it in one of the cells.

If there is space in the cell around the glass, make sure to fill it with packing peanuts. After that, do the same with another glass of the same type, and put it on top of the first one. Continue doing so until you reach the top of the box and then fill the remainder of the cell with packing peanuts. If you have some fancy wine glasses, make sure to wrap it carefully with air-filled wrap, and save one cell for each one. Do not stack these glasses as they have a very fragile base. All in all, use a lot of air-filled wrap and packing peanuts.

Packing fine china

When packing fine china, the best thing you can do is find a box that approximately has the same dimensions as the plate, or bowl. Wrap the plate in packing paper, follow that up with some air-filled wrap, fill the bottom of the box with packing peanuts, and put the plate inside. Do the same with the rest of the plates, and then crown everything with a bit more packing peanuts. And that is how you pack fragile items. Good luck with your move!