Commercial moving checklist

Moving your office is not the same as moving your home. This is a much more complicated process. There is not the same amount of furniture in your office like you would have in a regular house. Instead, there are so many chairs, tables and IT equipment to handle. You should also work closely with more people to coordinate the move, as well as pack everything up. This is why getting commercial movers NJ is a must whenever you are moving! What’s more, creating a commercial moving checklist is essential as well! If you have never done this, do not worry! You are in the right place! In this article, we take a look at the most important things you need to keep in mind when moving your office!

The importance of a commercial moving checklist

First, let’s take a quick look at why a moving checklist is so important. After all, why should not you be able to just go through your move step by step? Why do you need to sit down and spend your time writing it all on a piece of paper? Well, as we already mentioned, there is a lot that you will need to do when relocating your office. These things can sometimes pile up on top of each other, or happen at the same time. This can feel like a tough juggling act even if you have a small office, let alone something bigger. So, by creating a list of things that you need to do, you will be able to have a good overview of the whole process.

a checklist
A commercial moving checklist will help you organize your move.

There are many perks to this. First, it gives you better control of everything. Once you see just what there is to do, you can plan it all out carefully in a well-constructed time frame. This way, you will be able to group tasks together if they are similar – like visiting a store to get packing supplies and calling packing services NJ, for example.

Another perk that you will get is that you can allocate tasks around more easily. One of the first things you should have on your commercial moving checklist is creating a good moving team. These should be people you trust and can rely on, and they will be in charge of moving their own departments or parts of the office. This makes the whole process easier, especially in bigger companies. Together, you will be able to move your office efficiently and without forgetting something.

Preliminary work is equally important as moving your office

When you want to move a house, the process should start around two months before the moving day. For an office, this time window should be even larger. Usually, you will need anywhere from three to six months to move an office, depending on its size. First, you should finalize your lease or real estate agreement. You cannot move without these – and it’s important to know what your new space is like. Also, if you need to, talk to your current landlord. They should know about your move, too.

a team meeting
Create a team of people you can trust and rely on!

Then, share all these details with your team. They can familiarize themselves with the new space as well. This will help your team give helpful tidbits and ideas when it comes to creating the optimal workspace for your employees. Then, you should also start working on contacting your clients, vendors and other people you are working with. Ensure them that the business will keep running and they will not be left out.

Afterward, you can start planning to pack. First, start cataloging everything that you plan to move. Write down all the electronics you have, and similar property around the office space. Then, you can work on the floor plan. It is here that your team can help with their suggestions. If you need to, you can employ an interior designer to help.

What to put in your commercial moving checklist in the months before the move

As the moving day approaches, things will become hectic and your commercial moving checklist will become crazy. This is the time where you start looking for a reliable moving company NJ. They need to be trustworthy and with good insurance policies. Also, movers specializing in office moves are a must! As we mentioned, this is a completely different process than moving your house, so keep that in mind.

an office meeting
Having reliable office movers is a must!

If you want to ensure your movers are to be trusted, then make sure you screen them carefully. There are many websites you can use for this, like the Better Business Bureau. Afterwards, you will want to work closely with them to arrange your move. Talk with them through all the logistics and any difficulties that you expect. Only through clear communication can you ensure that your move will go smoothly and easily!

It is at this time that your employees can start packing for the move. The thing to remember here is that your movers should not transport personal belongings. Not only can you guarantee their safety, but this will increase the cost of the move. Make sure that the people in your team explain this to your employees. Give them some time to pack up their belongings and tell them they will be able to transport them back to the new office after the move.


Of course, there is a lot more that can go on your commercial moving checklist. We were only able to touch upon some of the basics – and we didn’t even get to the budgeting part! It is up to you and your team to think outside of the box and prepare for anything that can happen. Make sure you also contact good movers so that your moving experience will be complete and stress-free!