How to choose the right size moving boxes

When planning a move, one of the biggest chores you will have to tackle is packing. It is draining – both physically and emotionally – and this is why professional movers usually advise you to take at least two months to properly pack everything. There are many things that you will have to do during packing – and one of the most important tasks is to find the right moving boxes NJ. However, when you see just how many different boxes there are, you might become confused and frustrated. How do you choose the right size moving boxes with so many options? Well, worry not! This is exactly what we are discussing in this article!

Think carefully about the packing process before you choose the right size moving boxes

As we already mentioned, there is a lot to think about when you need to pack. First, you should visit each room in your house. When there, think carefully about what items you want to take with you – and what items are going be left behind. This is a tough but important step. The number of items you are taking with you and their weight will influence the moving costs NJ.

a man packing his kitchen
Think carefully about what you want to pack with you.

If you are having difficulties making a decision about an item, you can use our six-months rule. Just think about the time when you last used the item. Was it less or more than six months ago? Usually, people will not use an item they had no need for in six months. So, it will be better for your budget if you decide to get rid of it. After you move, you can opt to buy yourself a new, unused one – or a better model if your item is pretty old.

When it comes to the things you choose not to take with you, there are three things you can do. If they are really used up – you should consider recycling them or throwing them away. If you can still use them, but also give back to your local community, you should think about donating your items. Finally, if you have a lot of time and want to earn some money – then consider holding a garage sale. This way, you might even be able to help your moving budget somewhat!

Consider different sizes of moving boxes

One of the first things that you need to understand is that there are various different sizes of moving boxes. When it comes to the standard sizes, there are four that you need to know:

  1. small boxes measure 16″ x 10″ x 10″. They are perfect for books, DVDs as well as small appliances;
  2. medium boxes measure 18″ x 14″ x 12″ and are good for a bit larger items;
  3. large boxes measure 20″ x 20″ x 15″ and they can hold bigger appliances, your bedding, pillows, sheets and similar items;
  4. extra-large boxes measure 23″ x 23″ x 16″ and are good for lighter items – pillows, comforters, etc.

What’s important to keep in mind when you need to choose the right size moving boxes is that you should not only go for one size – even when moving locally. Furthermore, having a mix of various size of boxes – as well as the special moving boxes that we will discuss later – will be essential for the move.

a man carrying a box
Lifting a box full of books will be a challenge!

So how do you mix these boxes and your items? Well, the rule you should follow is that heavier items go into smaller boxes, while the lighter and bigger ones go into the large and extra-large boxes. The reason for this is simple. Packing requires you to lift heavy items multiple times. However, this weight can easily pile up in the bigger box. Just imagine having to lift a huge box full of books – it will be impossible! This is why restraining these heavier items to smaller boxes is a must – and thus, mixing various sizes of moving boxes is required!

Other special options can help you choose the right size moving boxes

As we mentioned, the types of boxes do not stop at the ones we talked about above. Instead, the moving industry is constantly improving and changing. And so, while some items can fit into a standard moving box, special moving boxes can help you with transporting them. Thus, you should talk with your professional movers about various special boxes they can offer you. These include, but are not limited to:

choose the right size moving boxes to pack your kitchen
Special kitchen boxes will keep your dishes safe and secure!
  • wardrobe boxes are perfect for hanging your clothes. If you are afraid that they will wrinkle during transport, then this is a perfect thing for you! What’s more, you can use the bottom of these boxes to pack shoes, belts and purses. Usually, these boxes are two feet wide.
  • picture boxes are here for all of you with artwork and mirrors. They come in two sizes – medium and large – and are perfect for keeping your items intact. You can even assemble them so that you can customize their fit. Use them to stop vibrations or any stray item from hitting your mirrors and paintings.
  • tv boxes are similarly designed for your flat-screen TVs. These heavy-duty boxes also have multiple pieces to fit your TV snuggle – and can accommodate anything from 32-70″.
  • kitchen boxes are perfect for your silverware. Packing fragile items is often very difficult and tiring, and so getting the right boxes for them is essential. First, you can wrap them with bubble packs, and then put them in these boxes which separate each item and thus keep them firm and safe.
  • office and file boxes are specially designed for your documents. These are often very important during office moves, so these boxes have double walls to keep everything sturdy and away from harm!