How to compare local moving companies in NJ

Are you looking for a moving company for your impending move? And you want to hire only the best one? Well, if that’s the case then looking local movers NJ up online isn’t going to cut it. It will get you more suggestions than you know what to do with. And, don’t get me wrong, that’s a good start. But the key part here is to compare all those suggestions and recommendations. Only after you do that can you choose the best moving company in NJ. So, being such an important part of the process of hiring a moving company we’ve decided to tell you all about how to compare local moving companies in NJ. So, stay tuned!

Do you know what you are looking for?

Before you start comparing local movers in NJ you should think about what an ideal moving company looks like for you. Take your time to do it because it is really important. Once you’ve got it – write it down. If you need inspiration you can list all the qualities that a moving company like Aceline Moving NJ possesses. All of the qualities you want a moving company to possess and all the flaws you don’t want your movers to have.

Because there’s no better way to compare local moving companies in NJ than by making a pros and cons list!

Now, the most important part here is what you take as criteria. This is something you should carefully think about. You have to take into account all the factors that make a moving company ideal. So, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • skilled movers
  • experience
  • proper equipment
  • well-maintained vehicles
  • the price
  • extra services offered

Is it good enough to compare moving companies in NJ on the Internet?

Comparing local moving companies in NJ on the Internet is all good and everything, but I dare say that it isn’t enough. Especially considering how many fraudulent moving companies there are on the Internet. And even more so now that they have almost perfected the art of deception. Plus, it can easily happen that you stumble upon a moving company that exists for real and is legitimate, it has all credentials and the best reviews online. But the catch here can be that those exceptional reviews are fabricated. Or it can go the other way around, the reviews can be just plain bad. While the movers are actually reliable and skilled. I know it seems strange and unbelievable, but it happens all the time that a moving company pays someone to leave bad reviews on their rivals’ websites.

That’s why, after you’ve narrowed down your choices, you should pay a visit to those moving companies. Apart from looking up a moving company on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website, this is one of the best ways to make sure that a moving company exists. Furthermore, you’ll get to check out if they are lying about something. For example, a moving company that offers plenty of extra services must have enough equipment, workers and vehicles. And all that you can double-check on the above-mentioned website.

One of the best ways to compare moving companies in NJ

If you want to compare local moving companies in NJ properly, you should also compare them on-site. That means that you should go, preferably unannounced, to each moving company that you consider hiring. Once there, you should try talking to the employees as much as possible. This is your chance to ask them all about the moving process and everything that interests you. By the way they answer you can see how much they care about keeping your belongings undamaged.

A magnifying glass
But more importantly, this is your chance to inspect them closely.

After all, you can ask all those questions over the phone or when their employee comes to give you a moving quote. But what you can’t do unless you’re physically there is to check out their equipment and vehicles. This is especially important if you want packing services because you have something that needs special equipment. For example, if you need them to move your piano they will have to have special equipment for that.

The money factor

There’s no point in fooling ourselves, money is one of the most important factors when you’re choosing a moving company. So, it’s only natural that you compare NJ’s local moving companies by the price. So, moving quotes NJ should be one of those factors that go on your list. Now, you should aim to get the most accurate moving quote that you possibly can. Your best shot at doing that is by scheduling on-site moving estimates! Furthermore, you should prepare a list of all the items you want to be moved. Or you should at least think about it and be prepared to answer the mover’s questions.

Question marks - How to compare local moving companies in NJ
The mover doesn’t have to be the only one that asks the questions.

You can also take this chance and ask them anything that you’re unsure of. I mean, who is going to explain it better or give you more useful tips than professional mover?

How to use moving quotes when comparing NJ’s local moving companies?

After you have all the moving quotes write them on your list with other characteristics of moving companies. One last tip about the price is that you probably shouldn’t choose the cheapest moving company. Oftentimes people choose the moving company with the lowest moving quote and end up regretting it for many reasons. One of them being that in the end, they pay much more than the moving quote because of many hidden costs.

The other reason is that in the moving industry you have to pay for quality. And that usually means that the cheaper the moving company, the lower the quality. Which in turn means that your belongings have a greater chance to get damaged and I don’t have to tell you what that means. So, this is something you should be careful about when you are trying to compare local moving companies in NJ.