How to find reliable movers in NJ

Do you need to move to New Jersey? Then, you need to find the best movers NJ. However, finding reliable movers can be tricky. There are many fraudulent moving companies that have attractive offers. People want to save money on their move, so they hire movers that offer the lowest quotes. You should not follow the same logic as hiring fraudulent movers will not save you money. Just on the contrary, you will spend more than expected. For this reason, here are the best ways to find reliable movers in NJ. 

Find reliable movers in NJ on time 

If you want to find reliable movers in NJ, you should start as soon as you know your moving date. This especially applies if you need to move during the summer. Summers are the busiest seasons for the moving companies. The reason is quite simple. Most people take a break while children are out of school. For this reason, if they need to move, people will choose the time they are free. This means all reliable movers will be taken. That is why you should find your reliable long distance movers NJ at least two or three months in advance. However, if you are not moving during the summer, then there is no need to rush. Winter is an especially slow season for moving companies. For this reason, you will be able to find reliable movers even on short notice. 

Ask for recommendations 

The best way to find reliable movers in NJ is by asking for recommendations 

  • Family members – if you know that someone from your family moved recently, you can ask them for recommendations if they were satisfied with the moving services they received. 
  • Friends – again the same thing. 
  • Co-workers – if you feel comfortable, you can ask your co-workers for recommendations. 
  • Real estate agents – if you hire a real estate agent to purchase a house, you can also ask them for recommendations. Usually, real estate agents know all the best moving companies as they work in a similar field.  

When you have someone you trust to recommend a moving company, then you can avoid hiring fraudulent moving companies. In addition to this, you can also avoid hiring underperforming movers. They are as bad as fraudulent movers. Lastly, coming as a referral, you can get a special discount for moving services

Find reliable movers in NJ on the Internet 

It can happen that none of your friends and family can give recommendations. For this reason, you need to find another way to find reliable movers in NJ. The second-best option is to search on the Internet. You can find almost everything you want on the Internet. That is why all the moving companies are advertising their moving services on the Internet. When you are searching, you should be precise. Try not to be general when looking for moving companies, but rather be specific. For example, you can type in moving companies near me, or long-distance moving companies, and similar. However, you can include your city as well, for example, reliable moving companies in NJ. This way you will narrow down your search. 

Visit official websites of several moving companies 

Since you are now searching on the Internet for your reliable movers, you should visit the official websites of several moving companies. You have to see if these moving companies offer the moving services you need. Some moving companies offer special moving services, such as moving a piano, aquarium, pool table, and so on. If you have such an unusual item to move, you have to make sure your potential moving company has adequate moving equipment. In addition to this, you also need to gather all the contact information. Make sure you call several moving companies so you can compare their moving quotes. This way you can hire not only the most reliable movers but also the most affordable one.  

three people are trying to find reliable movers in NJ on computer
Visit the official website of moving companies

Find reliable movers in NJ by reading moving reviews 

If you are considering hiring a completely unfamiliar moving company, you should do little research. This means read reviews. Nowadays, you can leave your review on almost every item or service. For this reason, find several websites that focus on reviews. Make sure to find the ones related to your moving companies. Do not focus only on the extremely negative or even extremely positive reviews. These reviews are not helpful. However, they can be a good start. You need to read 3-star reviews as they usually focus on both the positive and negative aspects of one company. In addition to this, do not hire movers that have extremely low ratings. Anything below 2-stars is not acceptable. It does not matter how affordable their services might be.  

Check their credentials 

When you schedule an interview, you should do even more research. Firstly, check if they have a license issued by the FMSCA. Only reliable movers will have this license. In addition to this, you can check their track record by visiting the official website of the BBB. If you cannot find your potential moving company, they might be frauds. Furthermore, ask for an in-house estimate. If movers only offer an online estimate, do not accept it. Movers cannot give a good estimate without seeing your house in person. When they visit your home to do an estimate, follow them around. See how they are doing their job. If they seem insecure, ask them questions about their services and the entire process. Again, if they refuse to answer or do not know how the answer, look for another moving company. Finally, read your moving contract carefully before signing it. 

man writing on paper
Make sure to understand your moving contract

All the tips 

As you can see, these are all the ways of finding reliable movers in NJ. If you are using the Internet or newspapers, check their credentials. This is the best way to avoid fraudulent movers. Remember, expensive moving services do not equal quality services. Similarly, cheap moving services do not mean fraudulent movers. Do your research wisely.