How to make packing fun for kids

The whole moving process can be really hard and overwhelming. This is especially relevant if you are moving with kids. Kids require attention and that can take away your time and efficiency when preparing your move. However, what if we tell you that there is a way to include your kids into the move and even make it fun? You would not believe us, right? Well, this article is here to prove you wrong! As one of the best moving companies in NJ, we know what we are talking about, and that is how to make packing fun for kids!

Make packing fun for kids – is it possible?

There are several ways to make packing fun for kids when moving to New Jersey. You can make games, competitions, and other types of fun activities that will engage your kids in an otherwise grueling process of packing the whole house. Remember, everything needs to be packed, so every hand should be utilized! Let’s go in-depth about the ways you can make packing fun for kids!

A boy and a girl with blond hair, smiling.
Make packing fun for your kids!

Gather everyone for a family meeting

Before you start looking for interstate moving companies NJ, you need to take care of some “administrative” things inside your family circle. You should gather your whole family for a meeting, and talk about the upcoming move. Your kids will most likely be surprised and confused. This is the perfect chance to explain why you are moving and to help them handle their emotions. The emotions they are going to feel now are probably the ones they had never felt before so it is your duty as a parent to make it easier for them.

mom and child, talking about how to make packing fun for kids
Your kids will probably feel some new emotions.

Explain to them why the move has to take place, and that it is for the good of the family. Make them feel like they are a part of a team working towards the same goal. A feeling of being in a collective will help your kids handle the move better and with the games they are going to play during the moving process while packing, they are bound to have fun while doing so.

Organize a goodbye party to make packing fun for kids

Kids love parties, whether it is a birthday party or any other holiday. This one, however, is a goodbye party. You do this because your kids will have to say goodbye to all of their friends. Breaking bonds and saying goodbye can be heartbreaking, especially for kids who will experience it for the first time in their lifetimes. That is why a goodbye party is an absolute must. Gather all of their friends so they can have fun together for one more time.

Visit their friends

If you cannot make a goodbye party, visiting the children’s friends is another thing you have to do. Take them to their friend’s house so they can properly say goodbye to each other. Do not hurry them up and do not try to make them leave early. They need to spend time with their friends who they will most likely not see for a long time, if ever. The friends children make in the early parts of their lives are essential to their development into young adults. So, in other words, very important.

Make packing fun for kids by visiting the new house

When you are moving long-distance it is important to go to your new house. This way you can visualize how you want everything to be organized and where to put which piece of furniture. When moving with kids, this is even more important. This is because they will see their new home and try to imagine themselves living there. You should also take them around the house to check out the yard, and go even further and check out all the playgrounds in the neighborhood.

Another thing you can do is go to the school you plan to enroll your kids in. If there are several options regarding the schools, take them to all of these schools so they can start imagining themselves going there. You should make the decision which school to pick with their opinion in mind. The faculty of the school will most probably make them feel welcome and help them imagine themselves in their new school.

Make packing games

Packing games are the bread and butter of making moving fun for kids. Games are always fun and kids love them. So, try to make packing for the move into a game! You can do this by making the packing process a competition. If you have multiple kids, make criteria for what do they need to do to win. For example, the one who packs their room the fastest wins. However, in this case, you need to pay close attention to them so that they do not pack everything fast and without much effort. A good packing process requires diligence during packing each item. So, packing fast may not be the best idea ever, but if you are sure that you can handle your kids and instruct them properly, go for it!

packing box dolly
Create packing games so your kids have fun!

You can also put other criteria like who packs their items the best or who fills up the most boxes. Make their favorite meal and give the largest portion to the winner.

Make a treasure box

You can gather your kids and let them pack their most valuable things inside a treasure box. The treasure box should not be big because that way you will not be able to put it inside the plane. And when traveling with kids, it is important to have their toys available at a moment’s notice.


Moving with kids will be hard, but it will not be impossible. Just let the kids say their goodbyes to their friends and try to think of some fun packing games. Well, with all that said, good luck with your move!