How to pack antique furniture like a pro

There is much that you need to worry about when you moving. One of the biggest worries people have is how to pack their items. The whole process can take quite some time, and there is a lot that goes into it. Experts often recommend that you take up to two months for the whole thing! This is why so many people rely on professional packing services NJ when it comes to valuable furniture and items. But if you want to do it all by yourself, you shouldn’t worry. Aceline Moving is here to help you with packing and securing your antique items for the tip! In this article, we will teach you how to pack antique furniture like a pro! All you will need to do is follow our simple steps, and soon, you will have the move you have always dreamed about!

Arm yourself with a lot of patience!

One of the first things you need to understand is that the packing process indeed does take a while. Those two months we talked about in the first paragraph are not a myth. You will need to carefully decide what you are taking with you. Then, you will have to figure out the best way to transport these items, secure them for it and keep them safe. But before you go out and start getting all the boxes and supplies you can find, you will need to understand exactly what it is that you are doing.

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Be patient!

In order to properly pack antique furniture, you will need a lot of preparation, time and patience. Pros use a lot of different methods, tools, and equipment to do it – and you will not have access to most of these. This is why you will need to make up for it with a steady hand and a lot of prep work! Of course, if you do not think that is possible, then we strongly encourage you to call furniture movers NJ who will gladly do this for you.

Remember – this process is difficult because antiques are usually precious. Just because it has been here for quite a while doesn’t mean that it is strong. On the contrary, usually, it is very, very fragile. So, you will need to be extra careful with it! You do not even know how much damage you can cause to it – or how much that can cost you. You will need to protect it from a huge variety of sources – dirt and dust, vibration, sun exposure, and temperature changes are just the tip of the iceberg! However, if you arm yourself with a lot of patience, we are sure you will be able to do this!

How to prepare to pack antique furniture

One of the burning questions we get is how to actually prepare for this process. People are well-aware of just how fragile – and expensive – moving antiques is. But how can someone actually prepare for this and how do they make sure they antiques will be safe? Well, the first thing to do is pick up some highly-professional packing supplies. You might want to go all out on this. After all, if something happens to an antique, you don’t even know what the cost of the repairs might be!

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Make sure you read up as much as you can about packing antique furniture!

The second thing you want to do is read up on how to actually pack different items you have. You want to know exactly how to do it in order to pack antique furniture best. Otherwise, you will be improvising, and you can damage your items while packing them. Before that, though, you should call an expert and get an assessment of the state the items are in. This way, you will figure out which insurance policy you can go for. You will also need the document they provide you to file for insurance – so this is an important step. One of the benefits of hiring a moving company is that they will do this for you – but when packing alone, you will need to do it yourself.

Should you disassemble your items?

Another hot topic when it comes to packing antique furniture is whether or not you should disassemble your items. This is a common practice when it comes to regular items. Your table might be too tough to maneuver around corners, but when you disassemble it, its transportation is easy. However, fragile and antique items are not a regular table. Once you try to disassemble them, you are risking their integrity and stability. This is why it is highly recommended not to do it and leave it as it is – no matter how hard it can be to pack and transport it.

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Disassemble your items or not?

If you try to do it, you can damage an item easily. You might chip some of it off, or ruin it completely. So, even if there are some parts that look like can be taken apart, refrain from it. It is much easier (and cheaper) to get high-quality packing materials and use our tips for packing fragile items than to have to deal with repairing an antique item.

However, there are cases when you just have no choice. Either an item cannot fit through the door, or it is too heavy to carry it in one piece. It is important to remember not to try to disassemble it alone even if you pack antique furniture alone in these cases. Instead, make sure you call a professional to deal with this or help you. Not only can you damage your items by doing it alone, but you can also lose the right to claim your insurance!