How to Pack Heavy Items for Moving

An inevitable part of moving is packing. Some would also call it the worst part of moving. I don’t know if it is the worst or not, but it sure is tedious and tiring. The main problem is, I would say, that you can’t pack all of your belongings the same way. Some of your things are more fragile than others and need to be packed in a certain way. And then you have all those bulky and heavy items that you just don’t know what to do with. Those things are usually expensive and have to be well protected and packed. That’s why we’ve asked our experienced movers at Aceline Moving NJ to give us some tips and they didn’t disappoint! So, here you have a sort of guide on how to pack heavy items for moving.

The first tip about packing heavy items for moving

The picture we’ve got from talking with our skilled movers is that packing heavy items for moving is not easy at all. Apart from carrying those items, packing them is the second hardest task they can get. Furthermore, we’ve also learned that they had to go to training to learn how to properly pack heavy items for moving. The biggest part of their training was learning proper lifting techniques and safety measures.

A sign for danger
And that only tells you how serious and hard packing heavy items for moving is!

For all these reasons, our first tip is going to be to hire professional movers. And more importantly, to take their packing services! There’s no one who could pack your heavy items for transport better than people who have done it countless times. Your belongings will be safe in their skilled hands. Plus, you’ll avoid getting injured! So, if your moving budget allows it – hire a reliable moving company!

Do you really need to move heavy items?

Oftentimes people just assume that it is cheaper to move their household than to buy new things. However, the heavier your items are and the longer the road is – the more expensive the move is going to be. This means that it can easily be cheaper to buy brand new furniture for your entire home than to move the furniture you already have.

A magnifying glass
So, if you are moving long-distance make sure that you investigate this!

You can easily check if this is true in your case. Just ask a few moving companies for a free moving estimate. Then go to any website where you can buy furniture and other household items, like for example IKEA’s website. There you can try to add all the items you would buy and check the final price. After that, all you have to do is compare those two prices and decide what option is better for you.

What packing supplies to use to pack heavy items for moving?

If you want to successfully pack heavy items for moving you can’t use just any packing supplies. The supplies you use have to be in great condition. Or in other words, you must buy only quality packing materials. Our movers advise you to be extra careful about the containers you use to carry your belongings.

Now, you can either use plastic moving boxes or cardboard moving boxes. The better option here would be to use plastic moving bins as they are sturdier and they can support a heavier load. However, you can’t find them everywhere, especially in smaller cities. And they can cost more than your traditional cardboard moving boxes. So, the only option you have left is to use cardboard moving boxes. Those moving boxes NJ have to be brand new, unused and sturdy. Anything less will only cause damage to your things. You can also find specifically designed boxes for heavy items like books, dishes, bottles, and so on.

Prepare before you start packing

No matter how sturdy your moving boxes look like, residential movers NJ suggest that you always prepare them. Especially if you plan packing heavy items in them. The last thing you want is a moving box with heavy items in it breaking. It could cause an injury to whoever was carrying it. Or it could damage the floor in your home and break along the way.

So, here’s how you can prepare your moving boxes:

  • line the bottom of boxes with bubble wrap or moving beans
  • secure the edges of boxes
  • reinforce the boxes with packing tape if you’re packing something heavy in them

As for how to prepare heavy items for packing for a move, here are some tips:

  • remove any detachable part that can be removed
  • empty and clean heavy items
  • if a heavy item has more fragile parts like glass, porcelain, elements that stick out provide extra protection to those parts

How to pack heavy furniture for moving

The first thing to do when packing heavy items for moving is to protect them by wrapping them with bubble wrap or packing paper. After you’ve made sure that every inch of a certain item is covered you can put it in a previously prepared moving box. If there’s some empty space left in the box you need to fill it. You can use moving paper or moving beans to do that. Or if the empty space is big and the box is not already too heavy you can fill it with some other lightweight items.

After the moving box is completely filled it’s time to seal it. Your next task is to place it in another slightly bigger moving box. Fill the space between the two boxes with paddling materials. Or if you don’t have so many moving boxes you can wrap the moving box containing the heavy item with a few layers of bubble wrap. It may seem excessive but it’s better to be safe than sorry when you’re packing and carrying heavy items. Finally, label the moving box with “heavy”.

A filled moving box - How to pack heavy items for moving
The most important thing here is to not overpack moving boxes!

And with that, you are done! Hopefully, this guide on how to pack heavy items for moving has everything you need. If not, you can always contact us and get an answer from our experienced professionals!