How to pack your home in a day

Packing can be exhausting. You have to go through a lot of things. Decide what to move to your new home. Part with your belongings. Prepare everything for your movers. However, packing also takes time. Some people need even a few days to pack everything up. That’s the reason why some people simply hire a professional moving company to pack and unpack their belongings. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can pack your home in no time and also save some money. After all, that’s the reason why we’re giving you these tips on how to pack your home in a day!

Stay focused if you want to pack your home in a day

Now, I know that packing can be stressful. And even overwhelming at times. However, you have to stay focused! You can’t go around running like a headless chicken. If you do that then you most certainly won’t be able to pack your home in a day. So try to stay as calm and focused as you can. Remember to breathe and take it one step at a time. You won’t pack faster if you’re running around your home and trying to do multiple tasks at the same time. Even though it feels like you’re doing a lot, you’re not doing yourself a favor. You’ll feel more overwhelmed and you won’t be efficient. Plus, you’ll probably end up mixing things or making other mistakes.

Labeled boxes - How to to pack your home in a day
Be as systematic as you can when you’re packing – try packing one room at time

The importance of a good organization

One thing that is the key if you want to successfully pack your home in a day is organization. In order to be efficient, you must know what you have to do in every moment. So start by making a list of all the tasks that you need to complete to pack your home in a day. Once you have that list it’s time to prioritize it. You can either start by doing tasks that are the most important. Or you can make some chronological order. After all, you can’t start packing if you don’t have the packing supplies.

Take as much time as you need to make this list because it will be your guide to packing your home in a day. It will also serve you as a reminder so that you don’t forget anything. Plus, it’ll make you feel more relaxed, efficient and confident that you’ll make it. You can even put small boxes next to the tasks so that you can tick them off when you’re done with them.

Ticking off the boxes will certainly give you a sense of satisfaction and power you with more energy!

It’s high time to declutter!

Moving is a perfect time to get rid of the things you don’t really use anymore but keep nevertheless. It’s perfectly normal that you have a hard time doing this. But if you want to pack your home in a day then it’s in your interest to avoid packing everything you possess. So what you can do is make three piles or three lists:

  1. one for the things you’re keeping
  2. one for the things you’re selling
  3. one for the things you’re donating.

There’s a question that you can ask yourself when you’re not sure what to do. You can ask yourself if you’ve used that particular thing in the last two or three months. If you haven’t, then it should go in the “sell” or “donate” pile.

However, many people have a hard time deciding what to put in what pile. It’s even the hardest part of packing for some. So if you’re indecisive or if you get easily attached to your belongings you can make one more pile or list and name it “maybe”. This will allow you to declutter faster and to keep up with your moving process as you won’t get stuck thinking about what to do with some of your belongings.

Don’t have the time to declutter? Store it!

If you don’t have the time to declutter there’s another solution to your problem. You can always rent a storage unit and put your belongings there. And then, after you’ve moved to your new home and settled in you can deal with it. Every now and then when you have the time you can go to storage and declutter. You can use the same tips mentioned above.

Pick the right kind of packing supplies

When you’re trying to pack your home in a day you don’t have the time for unexpected problems. And that’s why you want to make sure that packing materials you get are in good condition. Because if you get an already used cardboard box it can break under the weight of your belongings. And you can end up picking up your belongings from the floor and searching for a new box only to pack everything again.

For that reason, it’s important that you get new packing materials. And, luckily, you can get plastic moving bins almost anywhere now. These kind of boxes are much sturdier and safer for your belongings.

Plastic box - How to pack your home in a day
Plus, plastic boxes are eco-friendly and companies that sell them also offer to deliver them and pick them up once you’ve moved.

One more tip is that you don’t overstuff the boxes. No matter how sturdy are they if you put too many items in them they will most probably break. So pay attention to the weight of the boxes.

Call your friends and family

Everyone could use some help when they are moving. Especially when they are packing their home in a day! So what you can do to make sure that you succeed is to ask your friends and family to help you out. Think about what they can do to help you pack your home in a day. So that you know what to tell them once they come over. You can even make a copy of your priority list and give one to each one of them. By doing so, you’ll be more efficient. And finally, don’t forget to thank them with pizza or drinks once you’ve packed everything up!