How to simplify last-minute moving

So, your dream home poped on the market and now it is time to work fast. Even with enough time on hand, moving is stressful. But with having little to no time to plan and pack, it can get rough. Do not panic because we got your back! Let us help you with your last-minute moving and do this the right way.

Decide what stays and what goes

With last minute moving with local movers NJ you won’t have the time to pack it all up. This is not a bad thing because you will declutter. Starting fresh with the fewer items is what moving is all about. It can get rough and emotional but it is what needs to be done. And you will thank yourself later.

Sign that says choices
Simplify last-minute moving by deciding what you will keep and what you will throw away

This is the part when the checklist for moving comes into play. To make this as easier as possible you would want to go room by room. Decide right on-site what goes and what is coming to your new home. And do not think twice. If you are thinking for too long, you probably do not need it. Donate it if it is usable or throw it away. Of course, this comes before packing so the packing itself is quicker and easier.

Hire professionals

You will need all the help you can get. So this is not the time to save money, this is the time to move. There are some last-minute movers you can call. If they aren’t available to you, try to phone a friend to help you. Professional packing services NJ got your back when it comes to this. So no room for panicking even with last-minute moving.

5 star services sign
Only professionals can provide you with 5-star services

Aside from professional movers, you should also hire cleaners. For your old place as well as the new one. While you are wrapping it up, they can work around you. And you will make a dream team and finish super fast. While you do the work at your home, the cleaners will ready your new house for you. this way you can relax just a bit when you arrive and not worry about that as well. You will work so hard it will come by as a surprise when you walk into a clean new home. It is a surprise from you to you! Last-minute moving is stressful but manageable when you plan right.

Ask for help for your last-minute moving

And we mean all the help you can get, do not be shy. Of course, professional help is needed. But you will also need help from your friends and family. Aside from them being able to get stuff done, there is much more.

They will keep you calm and rational during your last minute move. With all these people running around doing stuff, you may be feeling like you are out of breath and time. That is when the friends and family come in place to keep you on track and remind you of the higher goal.

People talking
Ask your friends to help you with your relocation

Since it is a last-minute move your fringe is probably full of food. It would be a waste to throw it all away. Make some time to prepare and serve great food that remained in your fridge. Your loved ones and hired professionals will be thrilled. And that is a good time to sit and chill for a bit. You need to find time to relax.

Get your utilities in order

In all the hustle a last-minute moving can be, you can forget something critical. Do not throw money away by paying something you do not use. Cancel your subscriptions and pay a visit to your utility provider for an address change.

Do not forget you need to pay a deposit for your new utility provider. When you get your old deposit back, just transfer it to the new company in charge of your utilities. That way you won’t even spend the money on it.

Electricity meter
Don’t forget to transfer your utilities

Wing it with packing supplies when moving last-minute

By far, our most praised packing containers are plastic ones. They are super durable, multipurpose and protective. But if you lack the time to hop off and buy them you may need to improvise with packing. Not just with containers but the remainder of the supplies needed for your last minute move like:

  1. Air-filled wrap
  2. Covers
  3. Boxes
  4. Zip locks

Fortunately, you probably have some substitutes at home. Blankets can be used to protect technology from breaking as well as fragile items. Newspapers can be used to protect glasses, cups, and plates. Wrap each item individually instead of using the air-filled wrap. It will do the trick just right. Or just leave them on hangers and cover them with bags. That way you won’t even have to unpack them later. Just take off the bag and put them in your closet.

air-filled wraps used for last-minute moving
Air-filled wraps are the best solution when it comes to packing

It is not as fancy as the containers, but you can use garbage bags for your clothes. Or any other soft items like towels and bed linen. Not the most beautiful sight, but hey, it is working. We know you are in a hurry but do not forget to label everything. Do not make it even harder for yourself to unpack later. Take some time to label everything accordingly.

Do not overwork yourself

Even though you have a last-minute move to manage, you need to take care of yourself. If you feel like you need a break, take it. It won’t do you any good if you pass out or be sick. Lean on your friends to tell you if you are looking a bit pale or sick. Prepare some nice meals to keep your strengths up to and get you through the day. Also some refreshments in the form of lemonade. Something with lots of vitamins for you and everyone working.

We hope you didn’t panic and got all the help you need. Just know when it is time to catch a breath with last-minute moving. Get all your family members involved and let’s do this!