Moving Costs Checklist

Moving can be exhausting because of all the tasks one must do to plan a successful relocation. But some tasks like finding the perfect moving company and making a moving budget are bigger than others. Sadly, many people get stuck or have a problem calculating moving costs NJ. They don’t know what to include and what counts as a moving cost. And even after they manage to set up their moving budget many forget the final step. And that step is making a moving costs checklist. Because if you write down only the ultimate price of your relocation instead of making a relocation costs checklist you can end up mixing the costs and paying more than you planned for something. But don’t fret, because if you keep reading you’ll find the best guide on how to make moving costs checklist!

Why you should write down moving costs

The first mistake people make when setting the moving budget is doing the math and everything in their head instead of on the paper. If you try to keep all potential moving expenses in your head and calculate the costs at the same time you are prone to make a mistake. Not even a genius could manage to do both things at the same time and make a correct moving budget. Plus, it’s scientifically proven that a person can hold 5 to 7 thoughts in their short-term memory at the same time. And trust me, you’ll have more than 7 moving costs to include in your moving budget.

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So, don’t even try it!

Precisely for those reasons, you should first put all the things that you will need to pay for during the moving process on paper. Write everything you can come up with. Everything from bigger expenses like hiring Aceline Moving NJ to little seemingly unimportant costs like a sandwich you’ll grab on the road to your new home. This way you are making sure that you don’t forget anything for your moving costs checklist!

What makes moving costs checklist the right thing to do

After you have all the potential expenses written down it’s time to set your moving budget. This is where a moving costs checklist comes in handy. Not only does it prevent you from forgetting something important when you’re setting up your moving budget. But it is also a great way to organize those moving costs. For example, that sandwich you’ll get while on the road can go in a bigger category of “food expanses” or “on the road expanses”. You should be able to do this for every type of expense, just let yourself be creative. When you organize your moving costs checklist like this it will be easier to calculate the ultimate cost of your relocation.

moving costs checklist
There really are no cons to using a checklist for your moving expenses

One more great thing about making a checklist for your moving costs is the satisfaction you get when you cross something out. That little satisfaction you get from doing that can be one of the ways you de-stress during the moving process. Each time you finish doing or more precisely paying something from your checklist for moving costs you should cross it out. Or, if you prefer, you can draw little boxes next to the costs and fill them out instead of crossing out the expenses. Trust me, you’ll feel a little better because you are that closer to actually moving into your new home. And not to mention being done with the exhausting moving process. Plus, by doing this you’ll be sure that you have paid for everything.

What to include in your moving costs checklist

There’s not an ultimate relocation costs checklist that will be perfect for everybody’s relocation. But in order to make a good checklist and therefore a good moving budget, you have to include some things. Those most common things are:

  • Residential movers‘ expenses
  • Tips for your movers
  • Insurance
  • Packing supplies
  • Expenses for the road
  • Living costs for the transition time
  • Costs of changing your address on all the necessary documents and utilities
  • Storage (if you plan on renting it)
  • Unexpected expenses

If you don’t like the idea of organizing your moving expenses in bigger groups you don’t have to do that. You can make a checklist that has all the moving costs you originally thought of. These suggestions above are grouped and serve only as an example of what every good moving budget has included. Naturally, you can change and remove them as you please.

How and why to get a free moving estimate

One great thing about moving nowadays is that you can get a free moving quote from every moving company. You don’t even have to call them or wait for them to come to your place to give you an on-site moving estimate. The only thing you have to do is go to their website and fill out a few boxes like where you are moving from and to, the size of your household and moving date you’d prefer the most. Then just click on the button “get a quote” and you’ll get a quick and completely free moving estimate!

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You can make, for example, a top 5 moving companies list and go to their websites to get that moving quote.

After that, you can take the middle price to help you calculate your moving budget. But beware that those moving quotes you can get online are only approximate estimates of the final moving cost. They can differ a lot from the on-site moving quote you get from a professional mover. The reason is that those professionals come to your home and see for themselves some things you don’t fill out on the internet. Those things can impact the final price of your relocation a lot. They will ask to see which belongings you want them to move if your new home has stairs, some tricky corners and so on. So, once you sign a contract with residential movers you should alter the cost of movers in your moving costs checklist and your moving budget.