Moving your piano to Warren

If you’ve ever moved in your life you know how hard it is to organize a relocation. And if you have a piano to worry about then your relocation got much harder to organize. One of the main reasons is that moving a piano is not something that every moving company offers. Pianos are huge, delicate, and expensive which makes them one of the toughest pieces of furniture to move. The consequences of damaging someone’s piano are huge and that’s why only the best movers Warren NJ dare to offer this service. Now, assuming that your piano not only has material value but also an emotional one you’re going to want to continue reading. Because if you do, you will discover here all the tips for moving your piano to Warren with ease.

What are your options for moving your piano to Warren?

You won’t be able to move your piano to Warren with ease if you start at the last minute. So, it’s really important that you start organizing this as soon as you possibly can. But an even more important thing is to figure out if you want to hire piano movers NJ or if you want to try and do it yourself. Depending on what you decide the rest of the plan will look completely different.

piggy bank - moving your piano to Warren
Not to mention that your moving budget will also be different depending on which option you choose

Now, I won’t tell you which option is better for you. You will have to decide for yourself because it is your decision and your relocation at the end of the day. All I can do is tell some of the pros and cons and give you some of the most useful tips for each option. And after you read all that, hopefully, you’ll know what to do.

Pros and cons of each option

As for everything else, it goes without saying that both options have their pros and cons. And it the end, it all comes to what is more important to you and what cons you can live with. So, let’s start with a DIY option – the most obvious con here is that you will have to do all the hard work yourself. And you should know that you’re facing a very hard physical work even with the help of a few friends or family members. Because let’s face it, you won’t be able to move your piano to Warren without any help. The main pro with relocating your piano to Warren yourself is that you’ll be able to save some money that way.

a group of friends
Plus, you’ll get to spend some quality time with your friends before you move

The main con of a DIY kind of move has to do with the biggest pro of your other option. Namely, if you hire professional piano movers you won’t have to lift a finger let alone lift a piano. And if you choose to hire residential movers that offer piano moving as an extra service then you won’t have to worry about a thing. Professionals from Aceline Moving will take care of everything for you. And if you let a moving company do everything you will not only save your energy but also your time and health. Because, although you will pay more, the chances of you getting injured or your piano getting damaged will be down to a minimum.

Moving your piano to Warren – hiring professionals

If you’re going to let someone handle your precious piano, you have to make sure that they are competent. Pianos are bulky, very heavy and they have an irregular shape which makes them hard to pack and move. And although they seem unbreakable, some parts of a piano are actually very delicate. So, you have to find skillful movers that know what they are doing. One way you can do that is to read reviews of the company’s former customers. You can find them on the company’s website or other websites like Yelp. But before you do that, you should try to get recommendations for piano movers from the people you know and trust.

If people are happy with the movers who moved their piano to Warren you’ll see that in their feedback

But all that won’t matter if you don’t make sure that you’re not dealing with a fraudulent moving company. So, before you hire anyone, check out if they have all the necessary credentials and insurance. One place where you can do that is the FMCSA’s website where you can just type in the name of the company and see if they are legal.

Moving your piano to Warren – doing it yourself

As for moving your piano by yourself, I have to say that it won’t be easy at all. But with these tips, it doesn’t have to be so hard. So, here’s what you can do to relocate your piano to Warren as smoothly as possible:

  • Measure everything along the pathway from your piano to your front doors! That is the first thing you need to do. Because if your piano can’t feet through your doors then you will have to hire professionals to move it.
  • Ask at least four friends or family members to help you. And don’t forget to ask them at least a few days in advance.
  • Get all the necessary equipment. Without the right moving equipment, you risk injuries and damage to your piano. Dollies and moving straps are the most important here. And if you have stairs you will also need planks.

If after all that moving your piano to Warren by yourself feels like too much you can always hire professionals. There’s nothing wrong with that and no one would blame you. And if money is the only thing that’s stopping you then you can ask for a free moving quote and see if it fits your budget. After that, you can weigh all the pros and cons and make your decision.