Tips For Moving Into A Smaller Space

If you need to leave your home or plan on downsizing, planning the move should be your focus. However, downsizing and moving into a smaller space can have its challenges. Before you contact some of the best residential movers NJ has to offer, you will need to plan every step of your moving process. Besides lowering the number of items that you can move, you will need to plan the packing process and avoid overpacking. The following guide might help you focus on the most important things during this type of move and prepare for it like a pro.

Sort out your belongings

If you are moving into a smaller space and need to downsize your home, sorting things out should be your first step. No matter how many belongings you have, there will always be some of them that are unnecessary to move. Even if you don’t feel like downsizing and getting rid of some items, you will probably not have enough space in your new home for all of them.

pen and notebook
If you are moving into a smaller space and need to downsize your home, sorting things out should be your first step.

One of the easiest ways to sort out your belongings is to compare free space in your current and your future home. For example, if you estimate that some of your furniture won’t fit inside the new home, there will be no point in moving them. Also, the available storage space will also be different. Make sure to sort out your clothes, books, memorabilia, and keepsakes and see which items you should pack and move.

Downsize and decide which items you need to keep

When moving into a smaller space, the packing process should be as efficient as possible. This means that you should decide which items you will need right after moving, and which ones are not necessary. Decluttering your home is more than recommended when moving into a smaller space. If you are moving with your family, consider making a plan and go through stuff together. By having a plan and decluttering belongings together, it will be easier to compromise and decide which items to move.

Plan the packing process

While packing for the move, you have to have one important thing in mind. Overpacking can make a mess during the moving process, it can complicate your move and the unpacking process. This is why you should calculate the number of packing supplies and moving boxes you will need in advance. Keep in mind that the fewer items you need to move, the easier your relocation will be. Also, consider making a list of essential items that you will need in your new home. If those items are sensitive or fragile, make sure to pack them first.

If you estimate that some of your furniture won’t fit inside the new home, there will be no point in moving them.

Find the right packing supplies

When it comes to moving into a smaller space, it’s important to find the right packing supplies. This doesn’t only apply to the type of supplies you’ll use, but also on the number of moving boxes needed. If you are moving into a smaller space last-minute, you can always consider paying for reliable packing services NJ. Moving companies that provide these services have experience with both small and big moves. Therefore, your movers and packers will suggest the right type of supplies you will need.

What to do with the rest of your belongings?

Before you pack all of the moving boxes, you might get stuck not knowing what to do with the rest of your stuff. In this situation, you will have two options. The first one is to sell, donate, or toss away excessive inventory. The second option is to find a good storage solution and put your belongings in the storage unit. Whichever option you choose, it will be better to move a few of your items as you can when moving into a smaller space.

Prepare your new home for moving in

The moving process is more than just packing and clearing out your current home. Once the moving day comes, you will have to think about unpacking and setting up your new living space. If you are moving locally in New Jersey, it’s recommendable to check out your new home and prepare it in advance. Here are some things you could do:

  • Measure the space available in every room.
  • Calculate the number of furniture pieces you can move in.
  • Check out all the available storage space in your new home.
  • Before packing decorative items, check if they will fit in a new space.
  • Right before the moving day, clear out space in your new home for easier unpacking.

Get professional moving assistance

Once you know your moving date and have everything planned, it’s time to consider hiring professional movers. Paying for a moving service doesn’t have to be too expensive, especially when moving into a smaller space. Professional moving companies like Aceline Moving NJ provide a wide range of services you can choose from. Whether it’s local and long-distance moves, packing or planning every step of your move –  your movers will be able to help out.

moving box
Right before the moving day, clear out space in your new home for easier unpacking.

Besides taking care of your belongings, professional moving assistance can save you the trouble on a moving day. If you have any heavy or bulky inventory to move, your movers will bring special equipment to handle it. If you are moving into a smaller space, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have any obstacles during the moving day. However, when planning your move in advance, you’ll move into your home in no time and avoid additional complications. Consider getting professional moving assistance and you will save your time and money while moving into a smaller home.

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