What to check before signing a moving contract

There are a lot of things that you need to worry about when planning a move – but signing a moving contract shouldn’t be one. Yet, there is always a fear of being tricked by a fraudulent or unreliable company. You should think twice about putting your signature on something – after all, once you sign it, the contract becomes legally binding. But worry not – Aceline Moving NJ is here to help you! Today, we take a look at all the things you need to check before you decide to sign a contract with a moving company! Keep reading our article to find out more!

Never taking moving lightly

One of the main problems people face when moving is taking the whole process lightly. They believe that it will be easy to find a decent residential moving company NJ. They think they will be able to pack in one afternoon, and the logistics are only an afterthought. However, none of this is easy – and should be well-considered before you start doing anything else.

After all, you will be giving away your things to total strangers for some time. They will need to pack everything up, put the items on their truck and transport them to your new home. And all that stands between you and them if something goes awry is a piece of paper that you signed. So, before you even start thinking about agreeing to work with a moving company, research it well.

a sad man
Not taking the move seriously can lead to a lot of stress.

Luckily, today’s world of technology offers many ways in which you can do this. You can visit a reputable website like the Better Business Bureau and look for the moving company you are screening there. You might want to talk to your friends about their experiences and ask the company for references. However, one of the best ways to screen the company before signing a moving contract is through its license.

Check the company’s license before signing a moving contract

The moving company’s license is how you identify its reliability. You can read our reviews and talk to our representative, but the best way to see just how trustworthy we are is through this research. Best of all – this is not a hard thing to do! When talking to our representative, all you need to do is ask for the ID and the license number! We will be happy to provide you with these!

Then, you can visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with these, and gain a lot of useful information about Aceline Moving from there. You can read up on our moving status, the insurance policies we can offer you as well as any complaints that might have been filed against us. This way, you get bullet-proof, reliable information about us – and any moving company, really. Still, these are not the only things you should check before signing a moving contract!

The services can tell you a lot about the company itself

One of the best ways to get a better understanding of a moving company is through the services they offer. That’s why you should make sure to visit our services page and thoroughly examine all that we can do for you! Sometimes, a moving company will only do local moves – and sometimes, they only dabble with cross country relocations. They might only specialize in residential moves or relocating your office. At Aceline Moving, you get all of these and more! We also offer reliable packing services that you can use before the moving day even arrives!

a website
Visit the company’s website to learn a lot about what they offer.

It is important to know exactly what the moving company can do for you before you sign a contract with them. Simply put – you will want the company best suited to your needs. If you are in need of packing experts – then look for someone who offers both moving and packing services. If moving locally, then local movers are the ones to call.

However, don’t only stay on the website. Yes, it contains a lot of useful information about the company – and you can even learn about our background and our story. However, you should make a point of talking about our services with the moving representative as well. This way, you will be sure that you are working with professionals, once you see how helpful and respectful they are.

Finally, before signing a moving contract, look thoroughly through it

The final thing that you need to check before you put your signature on the contract is what says in the contract itself. This is an obvious thing – but many people simply do not do it. There are multiple reasons for it. First, you might believe your moving company, so you might think there is no need for reading anything. However, no matter how trustworthy they seem – we encourage you to read every page carefully!

people talking over contracts
Make sure you ask for legal advice before signing a moving contract.

One of the biggest reasons, though, is that people just do not understand what is there in the contract. Sometimes, this can be a lot of moving terms, and sometimes these terms can be legal. If this is the case, there are two things you should do. If you do not understand what a moving term means, make sure you talk to us. We will carefully explain everything to you. After all, we also want you to be safe when signing a moving contract. Also, we encourage you to seek legal advice as well if there is something you do not understand too! Only with a full understanding of the contract can you be sure about the move – and happy with your relocation!

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